Warranty Information

Warranty Information

*This Clear Urethane Film is backed by a 10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty when installed by a qualified professional.

*This Clear Urethane Film is designed and constructed to remain optically clear, and will not experience discoloration, adhesive delamination or other similar failure due to a manufacturer’s defect.

*This film provides superior protection to the surface of your vehicle from damage caused by small stone chips, road debris, insects, minor scratches and abrasions, such as nails & rings for the door cups.

*Wait 48 hours after installation to wash vehicle to allow for proper adhesion.

*Wash the vehicle with car wash soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.

*Keep high pressure spray nozzles at least 2 feet from edge of film. The force of high pressure spray, if held to close, may cause edge lifting and peeling.

*Wax & clean your film on a regular basis. Do not use tinted wax or wax with abrasives. Regular hand waxing will extend the life, gloss, and look of this film. Do not use a buffer on the film. Wax this film at least four times a year to maintain UV inhibitors.

*Dried wax along the edge of the film may be wiped away using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Be sure to rinse area with clean water.

*Use a microfiber cloth when cleaning or waxing this film. Coarse cloths or excessive rubbing can damage the appearance of the film.

*Do not use aromatic solvents such as acetone, M.E.K., toluene, paint thinner, lacquer thinner or gasoline on this film.

All warranty claims for this product need to be emailed to shortcakedesigns@bellsouth.net along with photographs.